Invasion Preview

(This video processed a bit weirdly, so it came out a bit blurry. Sorry! I've already fixed the issue for the next upcoming post.)

Invasion is a small pet project of mine that I'm happy to reveal. This will be a set of Coop specific stages, in which you will defend a core from an onslaught of Ocean's robots. Each stage will have 2 separate missions, one Normal and one Hard. Additionally, some robots may come with a "modifier", as indicated by special particles on them, which adjusts their properties. The mode is designed primarily for 2 players, but the difficulty scales up to accommodate all 8. Grab a friend and destroy them all!!

You might also notice a few new things in this video. The most obvious from the start is the jumbotron at the bottom of the screen. This is to both add some more information to the screen, and to make the existing messages prettier and less janky.

Additionally, there's also a new mechanic: the Septacrash! When the 7-Star meter on your HUD is full, you'll be able to unleash a powerful blast that demolishes everything around you. It's slow to charge, so you'll want to be careful to not waste it!

Invasion has been designed to be as easy as possible to make content for as well. I'll even be including an example map with the game to explain the setup, so I'd love to see anyone's Invasion maps when the update comes out. Until next time!!

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