v2.1 release

  • Fixed a pretty nasty thinker leak that was happening. Please try the new version if you were having performance issues anywhere in the game.
  • Recoded Homing Beam from scratch to make it a lot more consistent (both in terms of functionally, and in terms of comparisons with other bullet types).
    • Bullets now home in much quicker & sharper.
    • Can now properly home-in around corners.
    • While using Lock On, it will also prioritize homing in on the locked enemy.
    • Additionally, its bullets now speed up with your momentum, like all of the other bullet types.
  • Boomerang Slicer bullets were buffed to make easier to use; they now go much farther before they come back & start straightening out.
  • Increased the range of E1M4 lava spew.
  • Completely redone E1M7 generator sequence. Normal is (mostly) left alone, but Hard & Very Rude both have completely new behaviors.
  • Increased E1M8 car damage slightly.
  • Made a secret room prettier.
  • Optimized a few E1M9 areas.
  • Polished the layout & texturing in E1M10.
  • Septacrash ready sound effect plays when reloading from a save point, and when respawning in multiplayer, to remind the player that it's full.
  • Added a new hurt scream when you take a large chunk of damage at once.
  • Added sound cues to the E1M1 shooting tutorial, and made it prettier.
  • Added a sound cue when Powerup Copters arrive in Versus.
  • Picking up multiple dog-in-a-can's now gives you more dogs, instead of merely refreshing its timer.
  • Fixed being activate several E1M9 things multiple times.
  • Fixed the WARNING sound occasionally overlapping with itself, causing it to play louder than intended.
  • Fixed occasionally jabbering corpses in Versus.
  • Fixed Septacrash obituary showing up occasionally in Versus for the wrong damage types.
  • Fixed kicked-out powerups in Versus not being able to be picked up to refresh an existing powerup timer.
  • Fixed a crash caused by bullet clinking (tended to happen with dogs, but wasn't exclusive)
  • Recoded the internals of the weapon system, so it's easier to hook into with custom ZScript.
  • Fully removed the ability to bind your own use key. I kept it for the sake of uber-die-hard Doom fans, but it simply already looks really weird to watch gameplay with that! You now must kick doors as intended.


Full Download (GZDoom + IWAD) 55 MB
Nov 17, 2021
Just the IWAD 45 MB
Nov 17, 2021
Mapping Configs 10 kB
Nov 17, 2021

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