v2.3 release

  • You can no longer run Snap as a Doom PWAD. (It's a standalone IWAD!!)
  • Updated Directional Influence mechanics. This should hopefully make it clearer how to escape hitlag combos, especially in Versus.
  • Added the following visual effects:
  • Shift DI gives you colored afterimages, to show other players how you're moving.
  • Velocity DI has a ring explosion, which spews dust in the direction of the original knockback. (When using VDI, you'll be sent away from the dust.)
  • Velocity DI's effect was made significantly stronger.
  • Shift DI was totally reworked to be fully automatic, instead of only semi-automatic. This will make Shift DI really easy for pretty much anyone to use effectively, instead of being an incredibly obscure mechanic. The following changes were made:
  • Mash shifting was removed entirely.
  • Automatic shifting was made to be as strong as mashing used to be.
  • You now get automatic shifts every single time hitlag is added to you, instead of only after hitlag.
  • Knockback was made even stronger, to allow DI to be used to escape more scenarios.
  • Replaced the Powerup Copter sprites with a 3D model.
  • Added relative skybox viewpoint objects. These are used in VS1 to make the death plane more seamless.
  • Improved directioning for the various connecting points in E1M4's central room.
  • Improved directioning for the red key door in E1M6.
  • Improved directioning for the bank area in E1M8 Normal.
  • Slight length & directioning changes for E1M9.
  • Optimized event handler usage. Poorer machines may feel a slight performance increase.
  • Made the invincibility period after using Septacrash far shorter, to make it less cheesy in Versus.
  • Versus Random Weapon roulette starting position gets offset by one each time you use the roulette. Intended to reduce the feeling of "this weapon again?"
  • "Spawn farthest" is now default in Versus.
  • Adjusted default multiplayer connection settings. After some experimentation, these settings play significantly more smoothly with poorer connections.
  • Fixed cacti being solid for a short time after they've already exploded.
  • Fixed player sorting on the multiplayer HUD with more than 2 players.
  • Fixed the 7th bullet's center afterimage being misaligned.


    Full Download (GZDoom + IWAD) 58 MB
    May 11, 2022
    Just the IWAD 47 MB
    May 11, 2022
    Mapping Configs 10 kB
    May 11, 2022

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