Episode 1 (v2.0) release

  • Added 5 new stages.
  • Added 2 new enemies.
  • Added 3 new weapons.
  • Added 1 new boss fight.
  • Added 2 new Versus stages.
  • Added tons of new gimmick objects.
  • Added Invasion mode for multiplayer. It comes with 2 stages, each with a unique Normal and Hard layout.
  • Revamped Versus mode. Weapons are now given via roulette instead of pure RNG, and powerups come in via copters.
  • Very Rude difficulty was completely revamped. Removed the speed modifiers, and instead each enemy type gets new abilities.
  • E1M9 (previously MAP04) was totally revamped.
  • Added Septacrash mechanic. Fill the meter by dealing / taking damage, and unleash a powerful screen clear. Stunning enemies with kick juggling also gives extra meter.
  • Added lock-on, designed to make playing on gamepad easier. Press to keep your aim locked onto an enemy. Switch between "Hold" and "Toggle" style in the menu.
  • Added cutscenes.
  • Added the "jumbotron" to display all of the messages onto now. The jumbotron also displays robots, secrets, time, and boss health bars.
  • Added hitlag to make the game punchier, and as a balancing tool.
  • Added damage confirm sound effects.
  • Key fobs & doors were given icons in addition to colors, to be more colorblind friendly.
  • Damage flashing can now apply to the player.
  • You can now shoot & kick at the same time.
  • Increased pushback on all damage.
  • Basic gun's last bullet now deals extra damage and pierces.
  • The basic gun's ammo is now displayed on the HUD, to make it more noticeable how the mechanic works.
  • Rapid Fire bullets now move faster.
  • Spread Shot bullets deal extra knockback.
  • Homing Beam was made slightly more accurate in Versus.
  • Flamethrower now scales up and deals more damage on the larger end.
  • Flamethrower has new prettier visuals.
  • Added a particle & visual change when Bomb Blast misses, and it can no longer explode on contact.
  • Added an explosion visual when Mirror Laser hits a wall and can't bounce anymore.
  • Powerup dogs are faster and bite harder.
  • Powerup dogs are now voice acted by my dog.
  • Players drop health pickups when defeated in all multiplayer modes.
  • Added a visual for splash damage.
  • Added visuals for players / enemies overhealed above their regular HP.
  • Made the hit confirm visual bigger when farther away from the target.
  • Rebalanced all enemy HP.
  • Buffed kick juggling. Enemies are slowed down more by it, making it possible to keep a juggle going for longer.
  • Floating enemies now try to move up and away from the ground.
  • Floating enemies are now pushed down when damaged.
  • Floating enemies have a tiny bit of "grip" when they try to move in the air.
  • Recoded a lot of robot AI to drastically reduce the amount of RNG involved. There should be only limited gameplay-related RNG left.
  • Mine Snails' button is a lot more touchy.
  • Cybrass is more aggressive with creating projectiles.
  • Arsontops' attack switches side depending on the direction you're moving, so it's no longer any easier to dodge it from one side over the other.
  • Terajolts now charge their laser at their old Very Rude speed.
  • Terajolts now move with momentum, letting them gently float around while they fire their laser.
  • Terajolts shields can now be pierced through.
  • Buffed boss HP, to account for all of the buffs the player has gotten.
  • Rebalanced time bonus. There's a slightly longer leniency window to get a high rank.
  • Fixed Terajolts' laser being able to pitch up/down after being fired.
  • Fixed missile sprites being centered on the bottom of the hitbox.
  • This changelog is heavily condensed so there's likely a whole lot of other changes I missed! 


Full Download (GZDoom + IWAD) 55 MB
Nov 11, 2021
Just the IWAD 44 MB
Nov 11, 2021
Mapping Configs 10 kB
Nov 10, 2021

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