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Conrad Ocean was once the most powerful shark below sea level. As heir to the Ocean family fortune, he had fame, influence, and practically anything else he wanted. That is, until that fateful day when he was exiled from the seven seas. Bitter and vengeful, he began to use his fortune for evil. Soon he had built a business empire above ground, complete with skyscrapers and factories -- the perfect means to poison his former home with toxic muck! His robotic minions have helped nearly complete his worldwide monopoly, but one tough turtle dares to stand in his way.
Enter Snap the Sentinel! Snap sets off to rid his home of Ocean's mechanical scourge and set the world back on the right track. Are you ready to raise shell?


  • Mechanics inspired by SNES / Genesis era run-and-gun games!
  • Use 9 weapon power-ups across 10 levels!
  • An extra remixed campaign for Hard mode!
  • Beautiful low-poly 3D models and stunning pixel art!
  • A rockin' soundtrack made using FM synthesis!
  • Co-op and Versus support up to 8 players! (If you're willing to put up with the netcode LOL)


  • TehRealSalt: Programming, sprites, textures, game design, level design, character design
  • SeventhSentinel: Music, sound effects, level design, voice acting
  • Jeck Jims: 3D models & animation
  • VelocitOni: Character design, sprites, voice acting
  • Chengi: Logo design, textures
  • The original version of this game was made for the 7DFPS 2020 game jam. Thank you to the event organizers!
  • This game runs on the GZDoom engine. Thank you to its contributors & community, as well as id Software!


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Full Download (GZDoom + IWAD) 58 MB
Just the IWAD 47 MB
Mapping Configs 10 kB

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after playing through on normal mode going for as many kills as possible, i can say that the game was actually pretty fun! however it did end up getting very tedious near the end of the game, enemies feel like they take too long to die, and the kick's hitbox felt a bit too small at times, especially when trying to hit buttons quickly, but overall still a fun game.

however funy turbtle man does make a dorkly reference so i have to dock 17 points leaving the game at a -10/8.

Deleted 7 days ago
Deleted 7 days ago

a Sega Saturn shooter with Genisis graphics

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Hello can somebody help me

What game does snap the sentinel is based on

I tried to load it in delta Touch ( a mobile doom emulator)

But it didn't work

So i just wrote this massage 

So i could get attention to my problem

I don't have money to buy a pc now

And i just wanted to play this game

(Ps: if theres any english gramatical errors hereEnglish is not my main language so i may do it without noticing

snap runs on version of gzdoom, so if possible use a delta touch version corresponding to that version of gzdoom

This game is godly but I'd like to know if this is compatible with windows 8.1? asking for a friend because we want to play together

Also, how does reconnecting work? do you have to rehost everytime somebody dc's?

Sorry for the late response, but yes, the engine's multiplayer is a bit janky, so you will need to rehost if someone disconnects. There's nothing we can do about this at the moment. Thanks for playing!

This game just looks awesome and well made for a doom clone an awesome job but does feel weird using the space button to lock on other than the RMB but it's alright i hope to see more of this.


Thank you guys very much for this game! Thats amazing! Me with my friend really enjoyed of this!


such a great game, works beautifully on delta touch with a controller

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I love this game! But, in the results screen after beating a level what do I press?

The latest versions of GZDoom completely redid how the results screen works, which introduced a bug where you can't proceed on the results screen. We're working on a fix for this, but in the meantime using the version of GZDoom in the Full Download works as a temporary measure.

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This is fixed in the update we dropped today -- Any button will work! You'll want to grab the Full Download once again :)


This game is amazing!


Can i run this in the mobile version of GZdoom


thank you SeventhSentinel, very cool.

Awesome game! Consider nerfing the big blue bots so that they have to reload every once in a while or add more cover to sections with them (otherwise, their spam is pretty hard to avoid)

Hey, first off, excellent work! Just want everyone to know that if you have Smart Autoaim in GZDoom set to "Only Monsters", kicking cans (in v2.2) won't work. Took me a while to figure out haha.

are there gonna be future updates for co-op?

This is one of The Best game in itch.io right now. Everything in this game was good. The Story was good ( could have explained a bit more) , the music also fit into the Game, the Graphic perfect, The Controls were very smooth, which I  like cause, that's make me enjoy gaming so much. I give it a 10/10. I can't wait for Episode 2 to come out. I recommend everyone playing this Game ASAP. I made a little video if someone is interested. If you liked it let me know in the YouTube comment. Thanks

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i thought the initial version was already rad, but this update makes it like extra rad

Hello, i wanted to ask if you have a 2d or 3d picture of the main character. If yes can you pls share it? Thanks :)

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For 3D, check mirrors ingame or use the chase command via the console. For 2D, check Snap's Twitter page.

Thank you, i appreciate it. :)


i love this game

Really Cool game i really like the mix between the Old Cartoon style and 3d maps. but the reload sound gets a little bit annyoing after a while.

I am on MacOS, and I downloaded it, and it showed  up in my downloads as a strange file, anyway to fix  this  by re-naming it or anything else?

Here's what you need to do to run Snap on Mac:

1. Download Just the IWAD, which should be called snapgame.ipk3

2. Go to https://zdoom.org/downloads and download the Mac version of GZDoom (the blue one on the left)

3. Copy the included app bundle to your applications directory

4. Open Finder, then press Command+Shift+G

5. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/

6. Create a folder there called gzdoom

7. Move snapgame.pk3 into the gzdoom folder

8. Run GZDoom -- If you are prompted to select from a list of games, click on Snap the Sentinel and press OK

You should now be playing the game. Whenever an update for the game is released, just replace the old snapgame.ipk3 with the new one from Just the IWAD and you should be all set. I would like to note I am not a Mac user myself, so I won't be able to provide any further assistance. Good luck and have fun!

It was a really fun game, reminded me of the old doom games, and can't wait for the sequel!

So...This game is amazing! I noticed the game has multiplayer. How does it work exactly? I found the Host & Join Multiplayer files it's just that. Whenever me and a friend tried it, we never succeed. Let's say for example, my friend and I live in different parts of the world or we live in the same country but in different areas? Does our computers and wi-fi have to be on the same IP address? Or is it more than that?

This is the game file.

You need to make sure the port you pick is forwarded. The default is 5029.

Thank you but, hours after making this comment, my friend and I found out ourselves what we had to do. Thanks for the reply though!

I've only played the first level so far but I gotta say I'm hooked, like Doom meets Megaman meets the Ninja Turtles with Contra guns.


Excellent game. Short for 10 levels, but punchy and action-packed.

Simplicity was definitely leveraged here for a more arcadey action experience, but I do hope you expand on the mechanics at play in future episodes/installments. For example, the lack of jumping and crouching was an obvious limiter to force the player to deal with projectiles on the same plane, but I've always hoped to see more FPS titles that take more advantage of jumping and sliding with attack patterns that encourage it.

Alternatively, using the kick as a reflector - or even absorber - for projectiles could create a number of interesting options for the player. Those early robot sentinels fire constantly enough that it's extremely difficult to cross them up, but timing a kick to create an opening could add an extra layer of challenge.

Maybe something more could be done with the weapons too...being able to hold an offhand or having special altfires...but I could see that one bogging down the simplicity of the game without adding too much to the experience.

Awesome mod, thanks so much for share it with us, i will included on my app: https://hakros.itch.io/hakros-doom-launcher


Really fun, plays well, and is really good in general.


this game is just amazing. good music, fun level design, and a lot of replayability thanks to the secrets and difficulties!

my friend can't join for some reason, how do i fix this ?

Wait Snap is a turtle i thought he was a bird


This was a really good game! Thank you for making this! 馃槃

Very fun, the spreadshot is my favorite powerupp in the game.


Really great shooting game! I Liked the cartoonish style when reloading the gun!

This game is in my Top 5 of the Week!

Take a look!


Reef Skyscraper was absolute hell,



Loved your game! Made a review of it on my channel. 

Please let me know if I made any factual errors or blatantly missed out something huge.  I might explore the other features and make a second review.

(1 edit) (+1)

I didn't realize I forgot to make the slime at the end of the Easy/Normal path hurt the player. Thanks for mentioning it! It's also worth noting that though the game jam is called 7 Day FPS, it has very loose rules, meaning we were allowed to take as much time as we wanted to make the game -- so we started two weeks early :)

keeps saying this. dang it

Script error, "snapgame.ipk3:defcvars.txt" line 1:
Unsupported version 221 (220 supported)


Sounds like an out-of-date GZDoom install, not sure what system you're using but make sure that you're up-to-date. If you're on Windows, the full download has a compatible version already.


That fixed it! Yeah i keep forgetting how funky updating zdoom can be sometimes. mucho fun by the way


I'm dearly enjoying making custom maps for your conversion! I love the arcade style of it with doom's pace! I'm trying to make some faithful maps how I can, did y'all have any particular philosophy towards escalation of difficulty or enemy placement? I'm mostly goin on the ol' doom mentality.

Good game, quite some fun!

Just one question...

...Why are you obsessed with making Snap drop the F-Bomb?

I mean, I know it's for the "Very rude" mode or whatever, but... Really?

I thought it would be funny, but TehRealSalt wasn't a fan.

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snap forever (map)

this games kinda short. im here to fix that! i made a level thats "infinite" once you get to the end you will die. thats intentional. its so i can make the enemies respawn. 


salts' reply here is based on the original post:

(so i've been working on pro-longing the experience by using the mapping config, (no, im not trying to use zone builder or something stupid.) and how can i make a, for example, a robot respawn? if i cant, in the next update, could you add that feature? thanks!

edit: i have gotten around this, but it would be cool if respawning enemies was a feature. if you're interested in the map i was making, download it here. if you die at the end, dont worry. its intentional. since i cant make enemies respawn, its a way of making them respawn. have fun!)


Hi, it's cool seeing people already interested in modding :)

I can already think of a few ways you could do this without me needing to add anything, but based on how your level looks, I would use an ACS script. ACS scripts are how all of Snap's maps do most of the advanced level changing. You can make one for your map by opening the "Script Editor" window in Ultimate Doom Builder.

The "SpawnSpotFacing" function lets you spawn any object at "Map Spot" things. You would place the spot thing, give them tags, then use the function to spawn robots in at all of the tagged spots. The script could repeat the action on a timer using a loop & delay, or happen when you step on a line, or when you activate a switch.

Don't really have room to explain further than that, but here's some resources you could look at to learn!


(2 edits)

interesting. i'll check it out in the future! glad to see some positive feedback from my mod. heck! my mods' probably one of the first mods for this, if not THE first!

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