v2.2 release

  • Weapon Powerup Cans now have to be kicked open before they can be picked up, to reduce accidental weapon swapping.
    • Added another tutorial prompt to E1M1, telling you how to kick open the new Weapon Cans.
    • All other Powerups now have different sprites to make them more distinguishable from Weapons.
  • Passive Powerups now last 60 seconds in SP / Coop maps. (They remain at 30 seconds in Versus mode.)
  • Passive Powerups now have a unique sound cue.
  • Root Beer Float was given a slurp sound effect.
  • Septacrash refill now properly uses the "Septacrash ready" sound cues & messages.
  • Added a mid-game player display for all multiplayer modes. You can now see other players' vitality, Septacrash meter, and Versus score!
  • Projectile movement code was redone to handle faster bullets better.
  • The Versus mode basic revolver buff now applies to all modes. (Normal: 20 -> 25, 7th: 40 -> 50)
  • Rapid Fire base bullet speed was doubled. (30 -> 60)
  • Nerfed Flamethrower damage buff in Versus mode. (x3 -> x2)
  • Buffed Septacrash damage values against robots. (~750 damage over time -> ~1500)
    • Versus players & the each of Auger's parts were adjusted to keep the old value.
  • Mine Snails have a unique sound cue when about to explode.
  • Very Rude Guard Robo uses the jetpack sound cue from the Oil Robo intro.
  • Very Rude Computurret uses a different firing sound for the charged shot.
  • Subworm now takes x2.5 damage from kicking. This reintroduces behavior from pre-release versions, where the fleeing head could be destroyed in a single kick.
  • Drastically nerfed Terajolt, as they became much harder than intended after their mobility buffs.
    • Vitality of all parts were reduced. (Body: 200 -> 100, Shield: 250 -> 150)
    • Shield rotation speed was slowed down. (2 -> 0.5)
  • E1M10 boss was nerfed in a few subtle ways.
    • Normal difficulty attacks were nerfed by extremely slight values, to make it more reasonable to dodge when playing on analog stick.
    • Made the delay longer after using Bomb attacks if you don't attack back immediately, to balance out the difficulty increase from the Weapon Can changes.
  • E1M4 was updated to use Terrain Bombs.
  • Terrain Bombs now flash in the dark areas.
  • Cutscene floor destruction now uses the prettier Terrain Bomb explosion effect.
  • Touched up E1M9's central room further.
  • Adjusted E1M10 item placement, to account for powerup changes.
  • Updated VS5 (Dual Circuit).
    • Moved the location of the Powerup Copter.
    • Made the old Powerup Copter area less flat.
    • Moved the location of a Weapon Can, to place it farther away from the new Powerup Copter area.
  • Rebalanced the final wave of INV1 (Oasis Defense) Hard mode.
  • Removed the boss Arsontops from the end of the penultimate wave of INV2 (Rooftop Clash) Hard mode.
  • Added more variety to Invasion mode's "mercy weapon" selections.
  • Slightly reduced HP jitter effect on the Invasion vitality meter.
  • The blue palette ranges were updated, to create better palette blending.
  • Added a new voice clip for taking 50+ damage when above 150 vitality. ("That Hurt, But I Had Vitality To Spare")
  • Added a proper item spawning sound effect.
  • Powerup Dogs now can be kicked into pits in Versus maps. They'll teleport back to their owner when landing in an inescapable pit.
  • Invasion print-outs can now be properly translated.
  • Slight instrument rebalance on the E1M5 boss music.
  • Investigated & fixed even more lag issues. (Notably in E1M9.)
  • Fixed Mirror Laser bullets being able to reflect off of something without damaging it. (Mostly notable on Powerup Copters, but wasn't exclusive.)
  • Fixed the ouch scream playing from small damage later if your pain state was interrupted.
  • Fixed dog powerup palettes not being initalized properly.
  • Fixed the chat sound effect in multiplayer not being properly defined.
  • Fixed quick powerup regrab when kicked out of you in Versus.
  • Added Versus starts to all maps, so a multiplayer game can be salvaged when going to invalid maps, instead of immediately crashing.
  • Updated the mapping configs to account for all of the above changes.


Full Download (GZDoom + IWAD) 56 MB
Jan 17, 2022
Just the IWAD 45 MB
Jan 17, 2022
Mapping Configs 10 kB
Jan 17, 2022

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