Versus Updates

In the next update, Versus mode will be undergoing a lot of tweaks to make it more fun. To list them all one-by-one:


Previously, ? Canisters would give you a random weapon instantly. Now, it spins a roulette over your weapon box. Simply press fire to time your new weapon choice. The roulette starts off slow, and with limited variety, but the longer the match goes, the available types change, and it'll spin faster and faster.

This change is meant to remove the frustration of such a large random element from the mode by instead putting it in the hands of the player. However, it still keeps the excitement from the variety of weapons you could get that the pure random weapon used to have.


Passive powerups used to be delivered via Star Canisters, which simply gave you a random powerup instantly when picking it up. Now, they're delivered via Powerup Copters! Periodically, one will appear with a random other powerup canister inside. You'll need to shoot it down first before you can take the powerup inside.

The powerup spawns were always meant to be a hotspot for fighting; controlling the area for yourself is vital to secure a solid win. But when they were easy to run in and steal with no effort, it was kind of lame. The copter addresses three things:

  • The addition of an extra step to grabbing the powerup adds a lot of extra effort into getting the powerup, thus a lot of extra time to spend fighting over it!
  • Being able to see the powerup from far away lets you make more decisions. You can now decide for yourself if it's worth risking your life over, instead of it being necessary to always try and take it.
  • The copter swooping in alerts everyone when the powerup is available much faster than a tiny canister on the ground appearing from nowhere.


Septacrash from the last update was actually designed specifically for Versus! It can be used to turn the tide of a match. The small start-up lag adds some tactical depth to it; using it with no thought will usually lead to you whiffing. You'll have to trap your opponent, be cheeky and use it around corners, or otherwise pop it off when they'll least expect it!

Health Drops

Players now drop 3 Root Beer pickups when you defeat them. Previously when you suffered a harsh battle, you could easily be whittled down so badly that when your opponent respawned they'd easily trade another point with you. Now you can benefit from surviving really tense encounters, and this increases the overall longevity of a life a lot!

New Weapons

You can see in this footage some of the new weapons that will also appear in the campaign! Watch out for Boomerang, Charger, and Artillery.

Balance Nonsense

Lots of weapons were re-balanced, in lots of little ways. Too many to list all in one spot (especially as this post drags on :p) , but all weapons that I felt were too weak or hard to use were buffed in one way or another.


If you're not super interested in Snap's multiplayer, I've also made the new objects usable in maps. ? Canisters now work in single-player, and will give you a fast roulette with one of each weapon type in the game. Powerup Copters can also be placed, and any other object in the game can be put in it.

As for actual single-player progress, it's going well. Never really sure how much to show off because I like keeping campaign stuff un-spoiled (that's why my detailed updates tend to be multiplayer :p). But all of the remaining stages are starting to come together so I think I'll meet my self-imposed deadline ... really cannot wait to get it into peoples' hands. :)

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