v1.2 release

A kind of small update this time, mostly just as well as fixing a few minor bugs and weird gameplay quirks.

  • The Hard and Very Rude difficulties are now locked by default. You have to complete the game Normal to play Hard, and complete Hard to play Very Rude. Players have been treating it like Doom's Ultra-Violence and jumping straight into it, instead of like a unique second loop, so I went ahead and enforced the correct order now.
  • Added drop shadows for a lot of objects. This should improve depth perception, but really I just added them because they look cool. :p
  • Big enemies are now worth more points in Coop.
  • The last place small face on the Coop intermission now applies to the lowest player above Ocean's score, and any players below Ocean's score, instead of just the lowest player. This makes it appear more often.
  • There is now a HUD message telling you to press the Use key to respawn.
  • Flame hitboxes are larger. The main advantage is obviously hitting things easier, but it also gives it slightly more time for it to rip, meaning it deals a tiny extra bit of damage too.
  • Teleporting now gives you mercy invincibility, like respawning.
  • Respawning & teleporting makes you intangible temporarily.
  • Environment deaths in Versus gives everyone else a point, instead of removing one from you.
  • Kicking opponents into environment deaths in Versus now counts towards score.
  • Fixed kicking MP dogs making them vanish from existence.
  • Caged off the first secret's window in MAP01. Intended to make people stop assuming that there's a Jump key they haven't bound.
  • Extremely minor texture changes & fixes in MAP04.
  • Fixed the Spread buff intended for the last patch being unintentionally reverted before release. They should now actually be dealing more damage per bullet. Whoops!
  • The Mine Snail double death bug fix for the last patch was also unintentionally reverted. Double whoops!

Locked difficulties

Locked difficulties
Drop shadows
Drop shadows


Full Download (GZDoom + IWAD) 36 MB
Dec 30, 2020
Just the IWAD 24 MB
Dec 30, 2020

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