v1.1 release

Snap the Sentinel has been updated to version 1.1! This is mostly just a polish update to smooth out some issues with the game, notably adding more visual gameplay cues, and to smooth out the difficulty.

While we won't be doing new major content for a while, we are excited to continue doing more with Snap in the future, especially with the tons of positive reception we've gotten!!

General changes:

  • Added a more traditional checkpoint system. Touching a Save Point will refill your health up to 100, and create a save. In Cooperative, players will respawn there when dying. In return, the save menu has been dummied out. Please give feedback on whenever or not you think this is a good change. This is intended to even out the difficulty, so that the game is overall easier, but at the same time less cheesable.
  • MAP04 has been given a proper polish pass-over. Directioning has been improved by moving the final door to a more obvious spot, more secrets have been added, and Normal has more notable differences from Hard.
  • Vitality can be stacked to a max of 999, instead of 200. Just felt more fitting.
  • Mortal damage while above 1 vitality now sets you to exactly 1. More close calls!
  • Added strafe tilting, since it makes the game more dynamic feeling & gives players a better idea of how they're moving in first person. It can be disabled in Advanced Display options, though.
  • Added a particle effect when landing successful hits. This is intended to combat issues players were having with telling when they were causing damage to enemies, mostly when shooting from far distances. It's also player colored for multiplayer, too!
  • Powerups now have particle effects for multiplayer.
  • Replaced the generic dust sprite with a prettier version.
  • Added a dark smoke particle on robots that are almost destroyed.
  • Added dark smoke particles when the Flame weapon hits a wall or unrippable object.
  • Added some screen shake effects for enemy & damaging explosions!
  • Added some pretty decorative flags for MAP03.
  • Terajolt now tries to avoid melee range when roaming.
  • Terajolt's laser has a special effect when hitting walls.
  • The boss's Hyper Homing has a modified appearance, to make it more distinct from Cybrass' shots.
  • A very long list of minor adjustments to the boss' attacks... overall it should all add up to make him tougher.
  • Changed how time bonus is awarded. Instead of giving points every second below the par time, the max score can be achieved by matching par. This makes getting the perfect score a bit more obvious.
  • Time bonus is capped at 100 seconds, instead of 30 seconds. This makes the time bonus a more significant part of your rank.
  • In return for all of the buffs that players got in this update... the requirements to get a perfect score on every map have been made even more cut-throat difficult. >:)

Weapon rebalances:

  • Spread projectiles deal 1 more damage (from 4 per bullet to 5 per bullet)
  • Homing tracking has been weakened when used against other players in Versus.
  • Mirror projectiles deal 5 more damage (from 20 per bullet to 25 per bullet)
  • Mirror projectiles bounce an extra time before disappearing. This lets you be able to take advantage of it as a bouncing projectile in scenarios without lots of enemies.
  • Fixed Explode projectiles' damage values being ultra weird due to a rogue line of code. After fixing, the bullet itself does a lot less, but the explosion does slightly more. Overall, direct hits will only be slightly nerfed.
  • The kick now attacks in a cone, rather than a line. This was mostly to make it more viable against other players in Versus.
  • Enemies get frozen even more by damage while in their kick state. Previously, damage would reduce all of the enemy's momentum by x0.8. Now, it reduces horizontal momentum by x0.7, and reduces vertical momentum by x0.3.
  • Enemies' bounce after landing from the kicked state is now static, instead of being momentum dependent. This makes the bounce less exaggerated for ground enemies, and more significant on flying enemies.
  • All player projectiles can add your momentum. When you run forward and shoot, your bullets will be able to go slightly faster. This mostly just looks less goofy by preventing you from outrunning your bullets, but it also notably makes Flame stronger.

Cooperative changes:

  • Added a proper intermission screen for Cooperative. Compares your score against the other players on a meter. This is intended to further enhance the competitive aspect.
  • Keys are now shared between players, to encourage cooperation.
  • You get extra points for the ending tally when hitting the boss or getting keys, to encourage competition.
  • Kicking friendly players now sends them farther, to encourage evil grime.
  • Increased the boss's health scaling. Previously, in 2 player the boss would get x1.5 health, now it gets x2.0. This still has falloff, so it only ever gets close to x3.0 health for 8P.

Versus changes:

  • Added a proper intermission screens for Versus. Like Cooperative, shows frags on meters.
  • Added Random Powerup spots. One is placed per map (usually), and it respawns every 10 seconds. It gives you both a Vitality powerup and a random big powerup (usually Speed Up or Resistance, rarely Quad Damage or Friendly Dog).
  • Versus exclusive powerup: the Friendly Dog. For 30 seconds, you will have an invincible friendly dog help eat the bad guys for you.
  • Attack Crater has more height variance.
  • More cacti were added to Dusty Ruin.
  • Crazy Dock's edges were extended.
  • Added a new explosive barrel object to Crazy Dock.
  • Respawning cacti and player respawn protection are always enabled now.

Minor changes & fixes:

  • Added a remote-activated door texture.
  • Added an "all keys" door texture.
  • Lowered the intensity of the weapon flashing. (To get the new setting on an old config, you'll need to toggle the setting in Advanced Display options.) 
  • Changed the voice line when picking up Mirror.
  • Rebalanced the boss's audio.
  • Adjusted the hitboxes of the Terajolt and their shields. This ensures that its laser actually fires when they're too close to a wall or a ceiling, and that you have to destroy at least 1 shield to be able to kick the Terajolt itself.
  • Separated RNG states per intended usage -- "decorative" (majority of RNG usage), "generic gameplay" (currently only used for the boss targeting in Coop), and the three uses in Deathmatch: "weapon spawns", "weapon types", and "powerup types". This has no impact in SP, extremely niche impact in Coop, but Deathmatch RNG should notably loop less often.
  • Par times above 10 minutes are now properly allowed.
  • Cybrass Homing shields and Terajolt shields no longer interpolate, so they don't look ultra janked up when they're pushed into walls.
  • Changed Cybrass so that he no longer tries to play his attack sound when sent to his pain state without any projectiles around him. 
  • Fixed a bug causing Arsontop's lingering flames to immediately snap to the ground when spawned.
  • Fixed the TCWALL2 texture not having its brightmap applied.
  • Fixed an improperly mapped color on the kicking view sprite.
  • Fixed shooting dogs with Mirror one too many times causing the game to crash. Was most notable for happening in MAP03 Hard Coop.
  • Added some ultra ghetto batch files for running multiplayer in the full install.


Hit confirm sparks
Hit confirm sparks
Save points
Save points
All keys door
All keys doorLaser hit effect
Laser hit effect


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Dec 26, 2020
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Dec 26, 2020
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Dec 26, 2020

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